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Acid Plant
Neon violet square
Rules of the tournament
★ Our main goal is to provide the greatest and the most comfortable team league.
★ Stay kind and pleasure in any situation to keep our perfect atmosphere. It is important.
★ Every team has to have a member in our Discord server. This is our main communication place and we want everyone to join.
★ We are transparent and open for dialogue with players and clans. Feel free to contact us via Discord.
★ Administration reserve the right to do anything to ensure the best possible result in every case. We act in the interests of Alpha Team League.
★ Upon registration of the clan on the website you must enter a valid name of a clan and it's clantag.
★ For solidity of your clan profile and convenience of communication with you, we recommend you to add a correct Discord profile link of a manager (case sensitive), link to the website of your clan. Please, keep this information actual.
★ Players added to the profile of clan must match real accounts in the game. Their nicknames, tags, and links must be valid. Try to keep each player's race and league actual.
★ Clan Alliances (a fusion of 2 or more Clans where at least 1 clan cannot participate in the League alone) are generally allowed but for final confirmation they have to be acknowledged by the Admins before the start of the League.
Declared alliances for 10th season
  • CFeS-PT-coop: Crazy Forces eSports + Prototype.
  • MiXed Minds: MindGaming + team pheenix.
  • isIMBA-OSCE: we are IMBA people + OSC Elite.
  • DhZCom-HMTeam: DeathZone + Host Masters.
  • Nyaaaa-nB: Nyan Nyan eSport Club + Nuit blanche.
  • Tournaments
    ★ Admins discuss every participant and vote for/against it, so we can decline any request of the teams. Our opinion based on the team's reputation, history of participating in our previous tournaments, adequacy of managers and players, overall behavior and so on.
    ★ We host four parallel tournaments.
    • Euro Pro - for professional teams. No limits.
    • America - for american teams without restrictions on the level of the players at the NA server.
    • Euro Non-Pro - for semi-professional teams composed of Master players.
    • Euro Amateur - for Amateur teams composed of Diamond players and below.
    For Non-pro: player must never have reached or exceeded 5600 MMR on EU in the last 12 months.
    For Amateur: player must never have reached or exceeded 4600 MMR on EU in the last 12 months.
    GMs and Ex-GMs in Non-Pro and masters and Ex-masters in Amateur, offraces and new accounts must play 50 ranked games to prove their current level and get access to the league. In the first 2 weeks refer to last season league/MMR.
    ★ Do not even try to abuse something around these limits. Do not leave your league in case you got a higher rank. Do not make a lose streak to get lower MMR. We will punish for these moves.
    ★ We host the tournaments in Round Robin system (each to each) with the subsequent stage of the playoffs. Depending on the number of participants, clans are divided into one, two or four groups. In the playoffs they fall on the following principle:
    1 group - 1 vs 8, 4 vs 5, 3 vs 6, 2 vs 7.
    2 groups - A1 vs B4, A3 vs B2, A2 vs B3, A4 vs B1.
    4 groups - A1 vs B4, C3 vs D2, A3 vs B2, C1 vs D4, A2 vs D3, C4 vs B1, A4 vs D1, C2 vs B3.
    ★ Teams in the standings are sorted by the number of points. In case of a tie - by the difference of won-lost sets. In case of a tie - by the number of wins. In case of tie - looking at the game between these two Teams and the Winner from this game advances.
    ★ Points are awarded as follows: when the score was 3-0 or 3-1 - winner gets 3 points, the loser gets 0. With the 3-2 score the winner gets 2 points and the loser gets 1. In case of technical defeat team will be debited one point.
    ★ In case a team gets 3 technical loses it is disqualified from the tournament and all its opponents get free wins.
    ★ The eight best teams of every group will be promoted to the playoffs if every group of the tournament includes at least 9 participants. Only 4 teams are advancing if there are less than 9 participants in the group.
    ★ Players can only play for a single team during one season. In case of transfer, player and/or manager of his new team must inform League admins and get personal permission for the player.
    ★ The match consists of five games on maps, automatically pre-selected by system. The winning condition is that one team wins 3 maps. Four unique players should be selected on the first four maps. On the fifth map (ACE) a team can set any player from the line-up.
    ★ Participation of players with the same nicknames in the lineup of one team is prohibited.
    ★ During the match players must have a clantag of the team they are playing for. An alliance's players must have a clan tag of one of the teams.
    ★ Only players with the relevant profile link are allowed to play.
    ★ Players with nicknames with identical or similar shape symbols repeated more than four times in a row is not allowed to participate in games (for example, IIIIIIIII or AAAAAA).
    ★ Player only allowed to play the race that is listed in the lineup.
    ★ Lineups can be entered/changed at any time. In 15 minutes before the match they are opened for public view on the match page and changes become impossible.
    ★ If lineup is not filed until the specified start time of the match, team may receive a technical defeat. However, team can allow it's opponent to enter the lineup, in this case match will take place. If both teams have not submitted lineups before the match, the game will be rescheduled.
    ★ In addition to players only streamers can participate in the match. Observers in the match are not prohibited, but it's undesirable and allowed only in the case of mutual non-objection.
    ★ The waiting period of each opponent is 10 minutes. If the player is not ready to start the game during this time, he was awarded a technical defeat and the next game is played. If one of the teams are missing at least 2 players, it gets a technical defeat.
    ★ In case of interruption of the game in the first two minutes of playing time, the game can be started again. If the disconnected player will not be able to continue participating within 10 minutes, he can be replaced by any of the remaining list. If the disconnection happens after 2:00, the game is replayed from replay. If the participant isn't ready to continue for 10 minutes, his team gets defeated in this set.
    ★ In the case of participation of undeclared player in the match, his team will receive a technical defeat.
    ★ Use our logos and intro on the stream. Download: Logo1, Logo2
    Intro video 1920x1080 (63 MB) - download
    Intro video 960x540 (24 MB) - download
    ★ Every stream must be attached to Match page. In order to do this, go to the Match page, press the “Add stream” button and enter the channel name and platform.
    ★ Streamers and co-casters can be invited into the game. Co-casters are allowed only by mutual non-objection. Streamers must be allowed to broadcast game while the stream meets the following requirements:
    • stream is attached to Match page and available for viewing;
    • at least 2 minutes delay is set;
    • streamer’s voice must be heard on broadcast, except it is a first person stream;
    • if co-casters are participating in broadcast, their voices must be heard as well;
    • Maximum Number of Streamers (per stream) is 3.
    Only in case one or several rules are broken streamer or streamers can be barred from game.
    ★ We ask streamers to be adequate in the process of broadcasting. Do not use obscenities and insults.
    ★ We overview every issue very carefully and make decisions personally for every defendant. Punishment may be different and depends on the situation.
    ★ Also, we have the list of punished and banned players below. In case using them any team will be disqualified.
    • NetZero (permanent)
    • FunnyZerg aka Emoling (permanent)
    • Milka (permanent)
    • Judicator (permanent)
    • Lenin aka splesh (for 10th season)
    • BlackLotus (for 10th season)
    UTC+0 (BST)
    London, Edinburgh
    UTC+1 (CET)
    Paris, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw
    UTC+2 (EET)
    Kyiv, Bucharest, Sofia
    UTC+3 (MSK)
    Moscow, Minsk
    UTC-4 (EDT)
    Miami, New-York, Atlanta
    UTC-5 (CDT)
    Dallas, Houston, Mexico
    UTC-6 (MDT)
    Denver, Salt Lake city
    UTC-7 (PDT)
    Los Angeles, Hermosillo
    UTC-8 (AKDT)
    Fairbanks, Anchorage