Alpha finished 2018 with the phrase: "Next year is going to be nothing you've ever seen before". And we've done this.
Incredible improvements...
During this year we brought a huge amount of new features to our website. Closer integration with Blizzard APIs, improved timezones, new clan pages (with custom links, detailed player statistics, etc.), a special thing for sharing matches into Discord, date of acc creation, The Rosters, our API Docs. (and a frozen project, but thats a secret. tsss...)
...and growth
21 tournaments, 1611 matches in regular seasons and additionally 128 on the Battbleground (more than 5500 games in total). 2365 players were participating in Alpha this year.
In 2020 we are going to change not only Alpha itself but the scene entirely. More info soon. Stay tuned.
Facts and rewards
★ Top-5 teams by amount of different players:
Hasu players (65 players)
Houkago Tea Team ni (56 players)
New Angels (50 players)
Panic Team (50 players)
PLATOON (50 players)
★ Most balanced teams by used races:
Hasu players (Z 33.74% T 32.21% P 34.05% (diff 2.25))
FoFoG Semi-Pro (Z 31.82% T 34.09% P 34.09% (diff 3.03))
Alpha X (Z 35.09% T 30.99% P 33.92% (diff 4.69))
The Drunken Outlaws (Z 31.25% T 32.29% P 36.46% (diff 6.25))
Alpha X Buffalos (Z 33.33% T 36.46% P 30.21% (diff 6.25))
★ Top-5 by accepted match reschedules:
Team GoldMasters (20 / 57% of total requests)
team pheeniX (15 / 50% of total requests)
Houkago Tea Team ni (13 / 46% of total requests)
Panic Team (11 / 50% of total requests)
Micro Maniacs (11, 31% of total requests)
★ Top-5 by amount of thumbs up:
Hasu players (48 / 53% of matches)
team pheeniX (38 / 61% of matches)
Escuela Espanola de SC2 (38, 61% of matches)
Team GoldMasters (38 / 54% of matches)
PLATOON (35, 54% of matches)
★ Top-5 maps:
Kairos Junction (494 games played)
Thunderbird (432 games played)
Acropolis (427 games played)
Cyber Forest (400 games played)
King's Cove (398 games played)
★ The most active streamers:
maralekos (70 matches)
alphaxsc2 (57 matches)
eesc2 (49 matches)
teampheenix (37 matches)
abosx (36 matches)
BST (utc1) London, Edinburgh CEST (utc2) Paris, Berlin, Warsaw EEST (utc3) Kyiv, Helsinki, Kaliningrad MSK (utc3) Moscow, Minsk SAMT (utc4) Samara, Sarapul, Izhevsk YEKT (utc5) Yekaterinburg, Tumen, Turtas OMST (utc6) Omsk, Astana, Almaty
AWST (utc8) Perth AEST (utc10) Canberra AEST (utc10) Brisbane
North America
HST (utc-10) Honolulu, Johnston AKDT (utc-8) Fairbanks, Anchorage PDT (utc-7) Los angeles, Vancouver MDT (utc-6) Hermosillo, Denver, Edmonton CDT (utc-5) Mexico, Chicago, Winnipeg EDT (utc-4) Miami, New-York, Ottawa ADT (utc-3) Halifax, San Juan, Bridgetown
Latin America
PET (utc-5) Lima, Quito BOT (utc-4) La Paz, Sucre, Manaus BRT (utc-3) Buenos Aires , Fortaleza BRT (utc-3) Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo