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[Ris3n] Risen from the Ash3s
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[Ris3n] Risen from the Ash3s
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We also thank everybody who ever helped us as a member of the firm:
[HTT]Sunokasuri, [Panic]EsKa, [Panic]Condor, [UATeam]Sensei, [REG]RealPog, [FoFog]MisterL, [Kompis]Sannen, [Sloth]AprilTerran, [7x]Zeratul, [nG]PraetorFenix, [BluS]ArtyK, [TerBHD]Tommygun, [HASU]VaultBoy, [LiT]KoB, [PiGPan]MonsterMash, [BlackN]Pereira, [Ris3n]Aidan, [Ris3n] StillFly.
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Eternal Empire
Ever Dream
Golden Wall
Purity and Industry
Rules of the tournament
★ Our main goal is to provide the greatest and the most comfortable team league.
★ Be polite and respectful to keep the atmosphere of the league pleasant. It goes a long way.
★ Admins discuss every participant trying to join the league and vote for/against them. Our decision is based on the team's reputation, its history in previous seasons, managers/players overall behavior, and so on.
★ Every team has to have a member in our Discord server. It is mandatory for managers at the very least. This is our main communication tool and we want as many people to join. Teams may have the right to reschedule a match without your agreement if you are not reachable through discord.
★ Alpha Admins reserve the right to do anything to ensure the best possible result in every case. We act in the interests of Alpha Team League.
★ We recommend you to keep your clan profile up to date with the Discord link of your manager (case sensitive), and a link to the clan website if there is one.
★ Players added to the clan must match their ingame main account name, no smurfs allowed. Try to keep each player's race and league actual.
★ We allow Alliances (a fusion of 2 Clans (not more), where at least 1 clan cannot participate in the League alone). To declare an Alliance you should ask an Alpha Admin to add it to the list below. Keep in mind we can decline your request.
☆ Declared alliances for 15th season:
  • 3D!Mix: 3D!Mix + [S7E] Lightweight
  • Platinum Heroes: [PTHero] Platinum Heroes + Sc2Swarm
  • We are IMBA people: [isIMBA] We are IMBA people + [BlackN] Marsman
  • Taste the Bacon: Dark Oath + PigPan
  • Manni Manfreds: Manni Manfreds + wycklyn
  • Mkers: Mkers + gungfubanda
  • Black Night E-Sports: Black Night E-Sports + Kelazhur
  • Atlantic Canadian StarCraft Society: ACSS and JimmyShmo (player)
  • Wild Baguette eSports: WBO + BnetFR
  • Houkago Tea Team: HTT + Nitix
  • Tournaments
    ★ We host eight parallel tournaments.
    • Euro Pro - for professional teams. No limits.
    • Euro Semi-Pro - for semi-professional teams. Players must have never reached or exceeded 5500 MMR on EU in the last 4 months.
    • Euro Amateur - for Amateur teams. Players must have never reached or exceeded 4900 MMR on EU in the last 4 months.
    • Euro Rookie - for beginner teams. Players must have never reached or exceeded 4300 MMR on EU in the last 4 months.
    • Americas Pro - for american professional and semi-pro teams without level restrictions on the NA server.
    • Americas Semi-Pro - for american semi-professional teams. Players must have never reached or exceeded 5500 MMR on NA in the last 4 months.
    • Americas Amateur - for american amateur teams. Players must have never reached or exceeded 4900 MMR on NA in the last 4 months.
    • Americas Rookie - for beginner teams. Players must have never reached or exceeded 4300 MMR on NA in the last 4 months.
    ★ Every player in Semi-pro, Amateur and Rookie divisions must have a certain minimal number of ranked 1x1 games (of their chosen race) calculated by the formula: 30 games at the start of the current ATL season plus 10 games every 2 weeks. Those games can be played beforehand. At the start of a new ladder season the counter restarts from 0. The counter below updates automatically. * We recommend playing games weekly and use the pre-play option just if there is not another way.
    Current number of required games:
    10 (for 3 full weeks)
    Next update: April 7, 23:00 CEST
    ★ If an EU/NA player's main laddering account is from a different region than the division they participate in, MMR from that account can be used.
    ★ In case of exceeding MMR limits with at least one race the player cannot use Random as a race for offracing.
    ★ Do not try to skirt around our MMR limits by leaving your league or losing games on purpose. Such moves will be punished severely. We expect fair and honest play both on ladder and in our ATL matches.
    ★ We host the tournaments in Round Robin system with a subsequent playoffs stage. Depending on the number of participants, clans are divided into one, two or four groups. In the playoffs, teams are seeded based on the following principle:
    1 group - 1 vs 8, 4 vs 5, 3 vs 6, 2 vs 7.
    2 groups - A1 vs B4, A3 vs B2, A2 vs B3, A4 vs B1.
    4 groups - A1 vs B4, C2 vs D3, D2 vs C3, B1 vs A4, C1 vs D4, A2 vs B3, B2 vs A3, D1 vs C4.
    ★ Teams in the standings are sorted by:
    1. Overall matches won
    2. Overall map score (difference and number of maps)
    3. Head to head among tied teams
    4. Map score difference among tied teams
    ★ In case a team gets 3 technical losses, it is disqualified from the tournament and all of its opponents get free wins.
    ★ Players can only play for a single team per region. In case of transfer, the new team must inform League admins and get permission for the player.
    ★ Any match can be guaranteed rescheduled once (if it's more than 24 hours until the match), provided the match was not a walkover.
    ★ Maximal delay for group stage matches is 1 week from original date.
    ★ Maximal delay for playoff matches is 1 week from original date.
    ★ The match consists of five games on maps pre-selected by the system. The winning condition is that a team wins 3 maps. Four unique players must be selected on the first four maps. In case of fifth map (ACE), teams can set any player from the lineup.
    ★ Players are required to play with the corresponding account name listed in the match lineup.
    ★ During the match, players must have the clantag of the team they are playing for. Alliance's players must have the clan tag of one of the teams.
    ★ Different players with the same nickname in the lineup of a team are prohibited.
    ★ Players with nicknames of identical or similar shaped symbols repeated more than four times in a row are not allowed to participate (for example, IIIIIIIII or AAAAAA).
    ★ Players are only allowed to play the race listed in the lineup.
    ★ Lineups can be entered/changed at any time. 15 minutes before the match, they open for public. After reveal, lineup changes/subs are only permitted if both managers and an ATL admin agree.
    ★ If a lineup is not submitted until the specified start time of the match, the team receives a technical loss. However, their opponents may allow to still enter a lineup, in which case the match can take place. If none of the teams have submitted lineups when the match starts, it is rescheduled.
    ★ The waiting period for each opponent is 10 minutes. If a player is not ready to play once time runs out, his team loses the map and the remaining games are played normally.
    ★ In case of interruption of the game in the first two minutes of play time, it can be restarted again. If the disconnection happens after 2:00, the game is resumed from replay. If the disconnected player is not ready to continue participating within 10 minutes, his team loses the map.
    ★ The 10 minutes limit can be overlooked and the remaining games may be played while waiting, but only with the opposing team's approval.
    ★ If a team is missing at least 2 players, or uses an undeclared player in the match, it receives a technical loss.
    ★ Players reserve the right to request that skins be turned off.
    ★ NA divisions server choices:
    • US vs Asia/SEA - West
    • US vs EU - East
    • EU vs Asia/SEA - Central
    • Latam versus Asia/SEA - Central
    • US versus Latam - East
    ★ Use our logos and intro on the stream. Download: Logo1, Logo2
    Intro video 1920x1080 (63 MB) - download
    Intro video 960x540 (24 MB) - download
    ★ Every stream must be attached to the match page. In order to do this, press the “Add stream” button on the match page and enter the channel name/platform.
    ★ Only streamers can participate in the match. Observers are not prohibited but undesirable, and allowed only in case of mutual non-objection.
    ★ Streamers must be allowed to broadcast as long as they meet the following requirements:
    • stream attached to match page and available for viewing;
    • at least 2 minutes delay is set;
    • streamer’s voice can be heard on broadcast, except for first person streams;
    • if co-casters are participating, their voices must be heard as well;
    • maximum number of casters per stream is 3.
    ★ We ask streamers to be adequate in the process of broadcasting. Do not use obscenities or insults.
    ★ We overview every issue very carefully and make decisions personally for every defendant. Punishments may differ and depend on the situation.
    ★ We have 3 lists of defendant players. Any team using players from the red and/or black list will be disqualified.
    This list consists of some suspicious players we have not enough charges against. We check all their actions and if you have any prove of their cheats, please let us know.
    • [IOC] Splesh
    • [Hasu] / [PiRE] Sunless
    • Dobro
    • [|Beas|] Houst
    • [IOC]Fantasy aka [WBO]CRAZYFUKDUCK
    • Guardian
    • [Play4u] AlexTo
    • [graza] borisQua
    • [aW] Snakeair
    • [WRush] LittleRaskol
    • [SZ] Puigdemont
    • [TerBHD] PifPaff
    • [TerBHD] Lucinist
    • [WRush] / [RBco] bigmonster
    • Milka
    • [AiRǂ] Gialluca
    • [TerBHD] Liberty
    • [TerBHD] Yukiyuki aka Yuki aka Teleos
    • [PLA2N] Inori
    • [PLA2N] Skeletor
    • [PLA2N] OllieCrowe
    Temporary banned players. They have broken our rules during the current season, but we believe they can correct themselves and become worthy participants of our league again. After the season these players will be moved to the Yellow list. In case of violation of the rules again, the players will be moved to the Black list instead of the Red one.
    • [InBri] UNIVERSAL
    Permanently banned players. We do not even discuss topics about their amnesty.
    • NetZero
    • FunnyZerg aka Emoling
    • Judicator
    • YamiYugi aka GotenPlease aka Bardock
    • [Play4u] DonCarleone aka Texas
    • [Play4u] Xares
    • [Play4u] OharaRedzi aka AlexSt
    • [Xa] Weltall
    • Illusion aka VLS
    • [NwAs] PureLegacy
    • [TerBHD] vlk
    • [PÂRłAH] Rainmaker
    • Ashbringer
    • McZero
    BST (utc1) London, Edinburgh CEST (utc2) Paris, Berlin, Warsaw EEST (utc3) Kyiv, Helsinki, Kaliningrad MSK (utc3) Moscow, Minsk SAMT (utc4) Samara, Sarapul, Izhevsk YEKT (utc5) Yekaterinburg, Tumen, Turtas OMST (utc6) Omsk, Astana, Almaty
    AWST (utc8) Perth AEST (utc10) Canberra AEST (utc10) Brisbane
    North America
    HST (utc-10) Honolulu, Johnston AKDT (utc-8) Fairbanks, Anchorage PDT (utc-7) Los angeles, Vancouver MDT (utc-6) Hermosillo, Denver, Edmonton CDT (utc-5) Mexico, Chicago, Winnipeg EDT (utc-4) Miami, New-York, Ottawa ADT (utc-3) Halifax, San Juan, Bridgetown
    Latin America
    PET (utc-5) Lima, Quito BOT (utc-4) La Paz, Sucre, Manaus BRT (utc-3) Buenos Aires , Fortaleza BRT (utc-3) Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo